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Faculty of Vocational And Science Education

Welcome Message from The Dean Faculty Of- Vocational And Science Education

Welcome to the web portal of the Faculty of Education at the University of Calabar, Nigeria. Through the instrumentality of our rich varieties of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, which are tailored to meet the local and international manpower needs, we occupy a very strategic position in the affairs of this great University. Our programmes are analogous to the hub of a wheel with spokes connecting to different points on the rim. Thus, students in the Faculty of Education take courses in almost all the other faculties and colleges, depending on their areas of specialisation. This allows our Faculty to have a robust network of relationships with staff and students of other faculties, colleges and institutes in the University.


The Faculty of Education is one of the foundation faculties that started when the University began in 1976. Presently, the number of Departments has grown from one in 1976 to thirteen. These Departments include Arts Education, Continuing Education and Development Studies (formerly known as Adult Education), Curriculum and Teaching, Educational Management (formerly called Education Administration and Planning), Educational Foundations, Environmental Education, Guidance and Counseling, Human Kinetics and Health Education (formerly known as Physical and Health Education), Library and Information Science, Science Education, Social Science Education, Special Education and Vocational Education. The academic programmes in these Departments comprise B.A.(Ed.), B.Ed, B. Sc. (Ed.), M.Ed. and PhD. The programmes are manned by a highly trained and motivated team of academic and cream of other dedicated categories of staff consisting of over thirty at professiorial cadres. Our staff comprises a diverse mix of local and international scholars. Thus, we canvass a perspective that is multicultural and multinational. This accounts for our large population of international students who find our faculty attractive and homely. 

Our educational programmes are designed to utilise the best in empirically validated pedagogies to equip students who can stand their ground in public, private and international spheres. With the present Federal Government policy of University teachers acquiring teaching qualifications, you may find yourself sharing your classes with professors and other professionals from other fields of endeavour who come to be equipped and certified as professional teachers. We have since secured a good working relationship with the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria to ensure that our graduates are licensed as professional teachers as soon as they graduate. This facilitates a seamless transition from graduation to licensing. 


Our desire to see our students succeed is unequalled. Consequently, we assign student-friendly, highly exposed and widely experienced scholars to serve them as course advisors and examinations officers. They help students to navigate the academic and para-academic dimensions of the university environment. Moreover, we place a high premium on education that does not only fit our graduates into the global society but also, prepares them to face the challenges of society. Therefore, our students have a vibrant students’ union government, where students exemplify the practice of democracy through transparent and credible student-managed electoral processes. Through this approach, future parliamentarians and policymakers are incubated. 


Our focus is also broad to validate our holistic education posture. We have a choir and a dance troupe that has performed creditably well at both locally and internationally levels. Also, we have the most formidable football team in the University. Our gym is equipped with modern equipment and friendly staff, who are always ready to help when in need. So, you will have ample opportunities for recreation after school hours. 

Given that the design of our programmes incorporates work-integrated learning through teaching practice and other industrial work experience, our graduates have very high employment prospects. Our network of alumni, whom we celebrate regularly, has also proved to be very useful in this regard.  


So, welcome to the Faculty of Education and bask in excellence.


Prof. Simon Ibor Akpama


Dean Of Faculty

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