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Faculty of Environmental Sciences

Welcome Message from The Dean Faculty Of- Environmental Sciences

Welcome to the home page of the Faculty of Environmental Sciences (FES), University of Calabar, Nigeria. The Faculty of Environmental Sciences (FES), University of Calabar was established in 2018 by the Senate of the University and subsequent approval by the National University Commission (NUC) after resource verification in 2020. FES sprouted out of the Faculty of Social Sciences, which has been in existence since 1975. Before the formation of the new faculty, its academic and some administrative staff members were under the Department of Geography and Environmental Science, Faculty of Social Sciences.

FES consists of six (6) innovative departments, which offer both full and part-time undergraduate and post-graduate degree programs. The departments in the faculty are as follows: Surveying and Geo-informatics, Urban and Regional Planning, Geography and Environmental Science, Environmental Resources Management, Estate Management, and Architecture. In addition, the faculty is rich in human and material resources, researchers, and professionals such as Surveyors, GIS/Remote Sensing Specialists, Cartographers, Biodiversity Experts, Architects, etc. As a result, FES engages in consultancy services in any of these and other related fields. 

The Faculty house a dynamic pool of active scientific experts of men and women driven by sophisticated research methodologies and technologies that makes a difference.FES has over 50 academic staff consisting of professors, associate professors, senior lecturers, assistant lecturers, and graduate assistants. Besides, it has an adequate number of support staff for the smooth running of its administrative functions. The faculty has one of the best Geographical Information System (GIS) laboratories in Southern Nigerian Universities and standard studios for Architecture and other programs.

FES to its credit has a lot of completed undergraduate and postgraduate academic research with sound research findings. Each research paper in the faculty passes through 4 major ‘firewalls’ or stringent stages or checks through proposal presentation, fieldwork presentation, internal and final/external defense. The faculty has ZERO tolerance to plagiarism and therefore, employs anti-plagiarism algorithms to maintain academic integrity.

Since its full cooperation in 2019, the faculty has been under the academic tutelage, development, and coordination by Acting Deans including, Prof. Francis E. Bisong (2018 – 2020) and Prof. I. J. Ekpoh (2020 – 2021) currently, Prof. A. O. Ajake is the first elected Dean.

Finally, the dean of faculty, Prof. A. O. Ajake welcomes our prospective and current students on board, as our faculty is blessed with limitless opportunities for career development, research, and job opportunities in diverse fields of endeavor.

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