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Faculty of Physical Sciences

Welcome Message from The Dean Faculty Of- Physical Sciences

Welcome to the web page of the Faculty of Physical Science (a proud descendant of the defunct Faculty of Science) at the University of Calabar, Calabar- Nigeria’s coastal city known for its immense tourism potential. The old Faculty of Science was one of the four oldest faculties in the University until 2015 when it was unbundled into the faculties of biological and Physical Sciences by the Senate of the University. The Faculty of Physical Science has six departments comprising Computer Science, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, Pure and Applied Chemistry and Statistics that run eight undergraduate programmes. Postgraduate programmes are also available in various fields of research within these departments. Over the years, these departments have developed a strong reputation for quality and academic excellence in their various programmes.

Our programmes have a well-articulated mission, vision and objectives that are in line with the vision and mission of the Faculty and the University at large. The academic programmes are manned by a high-profile team of committed, experienced and award-winning array of academic, technical and administrative staff that are always ready to teach, train and mentor students to learn and consequently, acquire skills that will transform them into independent-minded professionals in their various fields of study. These programmes have very robust curricula that are meant to inculcate the spirit of independent thinking, creativity and resourcefulness to the students. All the departments have general and specialized research laboratories that are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that students and staff use for both teaching and research needs. We also strongly encourage students to develop and build a relationship and consequently, earn enriched experiences with others by freely engaging in social and interpersonal extracurricular activities.

Our Faculty is a research-enriched and professional faculty that strongly support free and open intellectual inquiry and diversity of expressions. These qualities are what have continued to drive staff members towards our known reputation for academic quality, excellence and achievements. We encourage and promote cross-cultural and cross-national understanding among sister faculties within and outside our University.

The Faculty of Physical Science will continue to celebrate all our Alumni spread across the world for their thoughtfulness in engaging in a give-back programme that has helped sharpen our academic programmes and activities.

We invite you to visit and explore all our programmes and get more information like their curricula, requirements and staffing about them. Should you have any feedback, questions and comments, kindly contact us using any of our feedback channels. We hope that you will either enroll or recommend any of our programmes to your esteemed friends.

Best wishes.

Dean Of Faculty

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