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Faculty of Social Sciences

Welcome Message from The Dean Faculty Of- Social Sciences

Welcome to the web portal of the Faculty of Social Science at the University of Calabar. The Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Calabar has played a very strategic role in the university’s quest to fulfill its core mandate of teaching, research community services. The Faculty is one of the foundation faculties having been there since the inception of the University in 1975. The faculty is globally recognized as the Center of Excellence for excellent training of highly competent, efficient, and globally competitive graduates to meet the local and international manpower needs.

The Faculty of Social Sciences started its academic voyage in the University with only 235 undergraduate students in four Departments: Economics (37), Geography and Regional Planning (26), Political Science (105), Sociology (46), and Management Studies (18). The Faculty combined Social Sciences with Management Studies until 2002 when the Faculty was split into the present Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Management Sciences to give way for more visibility of management disciplines previously subsumed under Social Sciences.

The Faculty of Social Sciences currently has 30 professors and over 200 academic staff to support the teaching, mentoring, learning, and research needs of over 8,500 students spread across five departments comprising Departments of Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Social Work, and Tourism Studies. These Departments run academic programs and curricula that lead to the award of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in different fields. Other undergraduate programs in the Faculty include Peace and Conflict Studies domiciled in the Department of Political Science, Criminology and Security Studies domiciled in the Department of Sociology, and Demography and Development Studies domiciled in the Department of Economics. The Faculty and Departments are all housed in a two-storey building located in the Main Campus (officially called Duke Town Campus) of the University. The academic programs in the Faculty are run either full-time for students admitted through the University Matriculation Examination, and part-time for students admitted by the Centre for Educational Services of the University.

The Faculty of Social Sciences has carved a niche for itself during the over forty years of its existence in the University. This is exemplified not only by the astronomical growth in the number and quality of its academic and administrative staff, its student population that is far higher than that of many other Faculties in the University but also in the number of academic programs offered in the various departments within the Faculty. All Programs in the Faculty of Social Sciences are fully accredited by the Nigerian Universities Commission. The Faculty of Social Sciences adopts a flexible and forward-looking attitude to its undergraduate academic programs, which are designed to lay a broad, sound, and solid foundation upon which further intellectual and professional pursuits at the graduate level are based. From its inception, the Faculty adopted the four-year integrated degree program based on the semester and course system. It consciously encourages the use of local materials for instructional purposes in a determined effort to make her programs relevant to the needs of Nigerian society.

The Faculty has created several incentives to encourage its students to strive for worthiness in this direction, including the institution of annual prizes and awards for the best behaved and overall best graduating students. The faculty recently adopted a dual-mode learning system with the aid of an online Education Management Platform. This platform is adopted with the primary aim of supporting teaching, learning, and research in a way that makes education readily available and accessible beyond the traditional face-to-face methods involving the four walls of the classroom. Its special features include online lecture notes, course outline, learning path, online chat, email messaging, e-library, forum, online assignment submission, online assessment, online course contents delivery among others. It is the ardent desire of the Faculty to train and equip its graduates to acquire knowledge and actionable skills, and consequently develop enriching experiences that would make them outstanding, highly responsible, and useful members of society.

As prospective social engineers, students are strongly encouraged to participate actively in the activities of recognized Students’ Associations at Departmental, Faculty, and University levels and make positive contributions towards their progress. Socialize and make friends that will translate to permanent friends in the future. Work hard and be guided by the fear of God in all that they do so that at the end, they will be among those found worthy both in character and in learning to be awarded a degree from the University of Calabar.

Welcome to the world of Social Engineering.

Dean Of Faculty

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